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The Brennan Knives Story

My Story begins...

I've always been attracted to knives and the skill involved in making them. After having a major accident in 2010, i used the opportunity to upskill in craft of knifemaking as my rehabilitation.

I had found my passion so my journey into knifemaking continued I knew that i order to make a fine knife i had to learn from some of the very best Knifemakers Bladesmiths in the world so i left and headed for the United States.

I spent time and had the honour to learn from the best Gil Hibben, Wes Hibben, Lin Rhea and Murray Carter. I attendeded blade university in Atlanta and met many Mastersmiths who i am proud to call my friends today.

I then returned to Thomastown in Co Kilkenny and set up my forge in Chapelhill where im forging, learning and making knives every day.